The last days I ways playing Bethesda's lastest Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, and it's simply fantastic. It combines much from Fallout 3 with Oblivion while putting in the style a million of fantasy movies like Merlin of Lord of the Rings. I'm saying this to only fill some random words in here, it really looks like from those movies. While this isn't a bad thing, there are so far so few mistakes made in the game's design, it just makes it incredibly enjoyable. The the whole leveling system got an awesome upgrade, shooting fireballs was never more fun and the best of all: no auto-leveling enemies. Sometimes I thought there are atleast some generic, auto-leveling enemies, but giving it another thought, there where only a few very hard ones or enemies on higher mountain elevation levels that are meant to be fought by stronger, more experienced heros. Therefore, I wasn't able to make any automatic enemy leveling so far. However, the higher your level the better are the possible rewards. Therefore it can happen that some enemies carry better weapons cause there is no reward chest or so. However this might change, I was so far always able to create any character I wanted, though I'm therefore much more diverse in the end.

There are only a few things that set me off. First of all, you won't be able know whether you have to get stronger for a specific task except by looking at the game map's elevation level. This rule doesn't seem to always fit cause sometimes you can get really high via a story quest or "cave climbing" activity (thus getting higher via short cut. I haven't noticed quest bugs except a single one where I started drinking with a mage who would then do a million things with me together including temple pollution and marrying a seemingly random girl in the town. Bad thing about this was that nobody told me anything about why I now know where to find this dude and why I can only interact the mentioned girl as if I knew what happened. For some reasons I managed to finish quest parts before others and thus the quest line was probably fucked up. In the end I somehow met this dude again in a portal and he revealed himself as the daedric lord Sanguine himself! Well, I would've loved to do this quest properly. I've adored Oblivions Shivering Isles extension for interacting with Sheogorath in person, simply cause those Daedric Princess are some of the most awesome characters you'll meet in the whole game ever. And one taking me on a personal hellride through Skyrim of which I didn't knew anything? Well, actually, what a prankster this dude must be! Therefore, I'm mildly disappointed by the fact that this quest didn't seem to work for me. Or maybe they didn't fix it. Whatever. I'm looking forward to visiting the other daedric shrines!

It's really a great game so far and I see no off-setting bad carried over from Oblivion. I'll probably be busy the next weeks to characterize my Argonian battle mage a bit more, so don't expect many updates by me...

Edit: Great, this thread is totally bugged. Now the portal remains open and for some stupid reasons Sanguine is standing in front of the portal's staircase, saying nothing but "Hm." and "Fire?" when I try to attack or talk to him. Oh man, there's one chest under the portal I really wanted to have, but I can't reach it cause I'm somewhere close to the portal - while approaching the chest - that I'll automatically warped into this temporarily create world of Sanguine from I can never escape cause Sanguine is simply not standing in there but in the world of Skyrim, thus disabling any possibility to escaped when visiting it again... Good, that I never quicksave in such portals!

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