Short time no see

I wish I had coded on my game engine thread stuff the last days, but I didn't. So much annoying stuff to do, a brain-dead father stealing tiny but important parts of your property to blackmail you 'n other shit related to the fact that'll need to find a new home for myself. You finally thought that you eliminate every possible source of problems, but no!, it's just getting artificially worse. I'm not the problem, the problem is that very mind-crippled person I have to endure currently. However, this didn't stop me from doing a very things that were and which I think were most necessary, especially for study-related stuff.

I finally merged my mindstorms robot with my remote-controlled, tracked vehicle. It's something I wanted to do since the last time we programmer it and I find pretty solid at the moment. It's still not tested completely, but I suspect my fellow student to have programmed a rather failing forward motion since the tracked model, like the tri-wheeled before, has some strange drift to the left. I bet he simply set two different numbers for the accelerating motors, which's of course produces certain fail when having to drive in a straight line. But anyway, I'm rather pleased with my current model. It's not finished (needs some rotated ultrasonic head on top), but it's already a good little setup from which I can also remove the NXT in case I need it for another robot or simply want to try it with another dude's one.

And did I mention that'll have to do functional programming this semester? Maybe. Erlang is it called this one language and it certainly has it's advantages. Anyway, it also has enough flaws to make it the most unefficient language ever in terms of looping and batch behaviour. There are no actual variables but only parameters and functions. Thus you need to pass every shit all the and hope it's working. One part of my assignment I'm doing with another dude, is to create a function that generates every magic square with a random size and random sum each row, column and diagonal has to represent. It wouldn't be so hard to create an optimized list-based solution in C (well atleast I'd do so since I'm no expert in such "puzzls-alike" stuff), but it a functional programming language? My current solution is to create a list of vectors that fulfill the requirements and simple brute-force through all possible solutions of those vectors. This way I'll atleast reduce the amount of failure by a vertical sum check and only need to continue with horizontal and diagonal ones. Still thinking about how to reduce the brute forcing cause this is more than annoying to do. I'm quite a bit disliking this lecturers assignments due to his love for tupid math puzzles. The world really doesn't need any of this stuff anymore...

Oh and I've started to play Oblivion once again during my creepy Crypta adventures in Arx Fatalis. Both games do so well in what they were made for. Just gotta love all this stuff right now! Though I still have to find my new home in the next time, parallely.

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