A programmer's limitations

Out of a rather random talk with one of my lecturer which only lasted a few seconds, I realized that I might be a good programmer in general (yes, I'm arrogant enough to say this) but I lack the ability to quickly enhance my own world of programming methodology without days-long reflection. It's like comparing a linked list (most of my fellow students) to an array (me). They are reasonably quick with applying existing stuff if it's giving by them (dynamic list size) but aren't as quick with solving problems within a fixed set of available technics and ressources (static arrays size). I know, using this comparation is more than nerdy, but I can't help seeing those comparisons everywhere. The moment I saw them somewhere I see them everywhere if it's related to human thinkage and stuff that's to do in sequential order. Beeing more knowledgeable about programming also improved my ability to apply them to reallife situations and it not rarely happens that I can solve a problem with a similar techniques as I already solved it within a computer program. I was even able to understand my own inner ramblings since they had strong resemblance of certain methods of programming. Strange that nobody is seeing such things in the world but me. Well, maybe I'm just afraid asking because most aren't as obsessed with such stuff as I am. The big wheel of generalization pulls all strings equally, it's rather hard to see for most people in this world.

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