Pick up the book

I decided to take the rest of the day to make a proper stock for my Lego gun. I haven't posted any pictures of it and it might be not proper at all, but I'll just do it today. I also finished my tracked NXT robot, so that has all of it's previous sensors back in even better condition. Some time I may change it's rotating ultrasonic sensor, but only if necessary. I don't even know if the robot will need to use for our task, but anyway. He looks so cute with his little head and it's bulky rest! I called him Ernie. Anyway, I'll try to create a normal looking stock with my new black parts I got from a recently bought Lego set. It feels good work on a Lego gun again. After so many annoying things, I forgot to do something relaxing that's not playing a videogame or watching a new but bad movie. Oh man, I'm so damn looking forward to the final look of it. It might even look sexy enough to make myself want to shoot it from time to time!

This time I'm making the stock seperately from the gun's functional body and attach it later. This way I can keep the previous stock proportions.

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