The Oblivion 100% quest

I've played Oblivion many, many times - but I never finished the main story along with all other guild quests, side quests and so on. The main reason for this is that I always choose character classes/races and are simply not suitable for most of the game's quests. For example, I onced played a very powerful assassin/thief character to meet the needs for all of the Dark Brotherhood quests. Therefore sneak and archery skills combined with light armor, sword fighting, block, alchemy and some bit of acrobatics as well. Playing such a character works very well within the given boundaries but becomes highly problematic withing the planes of Oblivion, most Fighting quests and Undead-populated dungeons as well. And those are highly frequent for almost every fight-based quests in the game... Choosing a classic warrior on the other site is beneficial cause you can simply everything right away. But you have to buy almost everything, need a suitable race in the beginning (I normally prefer Argonian or Khajiit), can't sneak to win related quest and there's no way to utilize magic efficiently. So I've randomly started to think about making a character that can do it all. Well, atleast so that it's able to sneak/assassin, to cast and to do some serious damage in non-stealth combat while not dying in a more unhealthy environment. So I do atleast need some Destruction or Conjuration skill to have some fighting power. Though Conjuration is not really enough when fighting multiple enemies - summoned creatures tend to have their own enemy selection scheme... However, combining Destruction and Conjuration sounds like a good solution - have someone fighting for you while beeing able to still do some damage on your own. Yeah, I think that's a good backup for more hard combats. That said, I already have two skills for fighting and don't need to worry about using swords or bows. But well - no "hard" weapon means no extra damage when attacking from sneak and no distant bow shooting and so on. However, I know that I always overused the bow and know that it can bring you more problems than anything else when if you're not a really good marksman with high luck stats and some points put into sneaking. So it's probably a good solution to choose a character that has atleast a bit of agility and use a sword or blunt weapon instead. Hm, speaking of weapons... swords and maces/axes need strength to work properly. Hm, hm, hm... Strength is useless unless you need to carry stuff or hit hard. But well - carrying stuff is very important in my opinion, but less important if you're not carrying alchemic ingredients (those along with potion smake up to 70-80 weight in a usual inventory of mine). So it's rather useless for a caster and I can look out for inventory capacity somewhere else or simply use a feather skill from Alternation, utilizing the Willpower I'll need for beeing good at Destruction. Anyway, this makes Willpower one the major attribute choices to have Destruction, Alteration and Restoration fully available. Soooo, then I guess I've already chosen three skills and a major attribute, woooo... Anyway, reading UESP, it's annoying that Willpower does nothing but increase your mana regeneration... Anyway, that's also useful since I'll need a lot of stuff for restauration and everything else. One thing I'm rather afraid of choosing wrong is the armor question. I know that I once simply dropped the question of what armor type to use when playing Shivering Isle cause I found a shitload shield-enchanted robes and gloves that provided way better protection than any armor available at this point. I can't rely on them in the normal "lowlevel" Oblivion game, so I'll need to decide this right now! I always used Light Armor cause they combined well with Speed and Athletics/Acrobatics. Problem is that Athletics and Acrobatics level you up as you go and thus you'll never be able to keep you armor, your skills and most importantly your weapons. So what I want to do instead is to use Heavy Armor to overcome this problem. I find it also interesting to combine magic with Heavy Armor usually only found on Warrior type characters... Needing Endurance for Heavy Armor also boosts Armorer and Block... Hm. I don't know. Block could be important, but without a weapon? Well, that's shield + spell casting then. Possibly along with a Soultrap-enchanted Dagger or so. And Armorer is surely useful for higher levels as you can also repair your magically enchanted items.

So we have Endurance and Willpower as governing attributes and a Mage specialization. Skills are Destruction, Conjuration, Alteration, Heavy Armor, Armorer and Block. So I have one additional skill left to choose. But what you choose then? Oh, yes, I've forgot Restauration... So yeah, sounds like a good combination in theory. Yep, I can think of it working ok. Hm, I forgot about the sneaking, though. Well, the thiefs guild is nothing I plan to do again (boring and the reward is just a silly, useless cap). And the assassin quest stuff can be done without sneaking as far as I can remember. I'm usually not too keen on killing people visible to guards, so I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Anyway, I'm only good at killing people unseen with a good melee weapong or bow - contradicting the magic-oriented character build. So in order to have some real advantage over this, I'd need to additional skills I can't spare. Also, I'm always using stealth, so let's so something different this time. I can also simply choose a Shadow birthsign and do complicated stealth jobs this way. I mean really, Brotherhood quests are normally done in short time, so nothing to worry about. I could also drop Conjuration due to lack of intelligence-dependent skills and so on in favour of stealth - could also work. Well, in the end you can simply slay anyone and still have your fun. I'm rather looking forward to solving the stuff that doesn't require stealth.

So I can decide birthsign and 7. skill according to the character race I want to play this time. I must admit I'm tempted to try an Orc mage. And Orc has high Endurance and equally high Willpower. No mage skill point boost and low intelligence but skills aren't everything. Orcs have enough strengths to carry armour and a set of differently enchanted weapons. I could select Blunt or Sword fighting for an Orc, too. I mean it may combine well with blocking and casting, ya know. Overall I can select three attribute increases per level, making Willpower, Endurance and Strength the only ones necessary to click. Sounds good so far! Conjuration is cool but probably a tad too much when combined with other stuff. I'm sick of builds that requires shitloads of stuff to and level up automatically when the simplest tasks. Ok, so then be it - an Orc Mage using it's Endurance and Willpower! Gonna think about the Birthsign, though. Maybe the Mage for more Magicka or the Lady to have 60 Willpower and Endurance points. But well, it's questionable whether this is really of advantage since you gain those stat points quite quick by leveling up. Means you can't improve them in midlevel game. So I'll probably choose the Mage for simplicities sake.

Yay, character done. Now to test it some time.

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