Nowadays' Nintendo games

I'm having trouble with all the current Nintendo games for some reason. The last Metroid got smashed by kicking everything that felt good and great before, Zelda Skyward Sword became new useless elements and well as a world that doesn't feel like a Zelda game and that whole motion control and touchscreen stuff simply turns me off. Well, I'm a button pusher, not a oh-this-totally-needs-casual-fun-stuff-in-it guy. I'm had more fun playing Skyrim than playing Twighlight Princess for a number of reasons. Guess I'm too classic in taste, too much a kid the late 90s and the first years after 2000. Did I say how great I find Cave Story Plus in comparison to the original Cave Story? That's mostly cause it now looks like a SNES game and not like a NES game with more colors. So, I'm no thaaat classic in taste. However, I find very games I'd actually buy a Nintendo console for. I'm buy a 3DS for Super Mario 3D Land but not for the perverted Ocarina of Time port. I have Kirby's Return to Dreamland on wishlist but not Skyward Sword because Kirby is more to it's formidable roots. And with no greate reference title I won't buy any future Nintendo consoles. I'd love to have to times of 3D platformers back - I'm still playing Donkey Kong 64 and Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy because they are great platformers and rather classic in gameplay. I don't say that those revamped Nintendo games don't have quality, they just don't serve my taste as well as before. But since I'm still a fan of observing other people playing Nintendo games for some reason, I'm often watching speedruns and playthroughs of those games I don't have fun with by myself. So I'm equally often happy by just listen to the game's musics and get their soundtracks from somewhere. This way I can atleast not say that I don't know what I'm missing.

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