Last finish of a Lego gun

Yep, I finally pushed myself enough to finish the last bits of my Lego gun model of which I didn't make pictures before due to the slightly missing or rather ill-chosen stock design. This time I simply shortened what I already had of a planned, more lengthy stock and short it enough to provide more stability and less needed parts (which will come in handy for the next model). It looks like a thumbhole stock with the stock but only a cut-off pistol grip and a thumbhole. Feels good in hand and using the firing pin chargers as some sort of cheek pad also works nicely. Too bad it currently smells smokey due to some very ignorant people smoking while I was showing off my model. However, it's done now and the only update I'll give it in the future is to change a single cover part beeing quite red instead of balack - that what all grip got in this model. The overall color scheme is very pleasing - white/grey barrel om top with green sights and black grip parts. Parts one can mechanically operate operate dark grey. I'm pleased with it. Totally, as I also mentioned before. But this time it's also complete and pleasant in almost every way - you get the point.

Since I'm off playing games right now and somehow don't feel the need for really playing one as well not wanting to right now create my ressource manager, I'll instead try to remember what I imagined for the new gun model and start it.

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