I've done somethin totally awesome

Yell, atleast to it's more than half of the rent for a good game engine! Besides some additional functions to the queried mutex, I've finished the code for the task execution engine (called tasker). Now you can take a break between task execution, avoid any deadlocks as long if the tasker doesn't lock itself from the executed task function and have an in general very stable construct - if I didn't do any heavy mistakes in the theory before, which I strongly doubt. I mean otherwise I'd have this typical damp feeling of knowing that something is wrong with it. Let's say I know when the blood is fresh, and this one is dripping off a living body. However, I haven't done real tests with it except the typical dry scenario. But I believe that this technology is as innovative for me as the internet for indie developers (which means that I planned in long before but it proves more and more awesome over time). Well, only if everything works right of course, but as I said - I have a good feeling about this. I'll make the game engine and game itself BSD or something like that I guess. This way I can gaurantee that it won't rot away in the big chapter of never-publicised secrets of non-opensource software. I know that there are some of those and it doesn't help anyone making good products if there's nobody utilizing or improving it. I may be an ass if it comes to deciding what software or library is worth using, but without giving a variant I would find personally better or simply the best, it doesn't make the world better or solve the problems I have with those libraries. Good things should be shared, especially if it's program code, I think. This is of course not the case for a commercial market, but in this case I'd rather buy the guaranteedly good product resulting out of it and not just the tech behind (which'd then free of course).

Yay, I made it. I'm so glad I made this. I better not pimp it that much in the future cause I'll probably ruin it's awesomeness then. Some things should simply not changed because they are as good as they can become in their bounds. I mean what's the point of working on stuff that was already designed and implemented to work flawless, hm? No point, of course! And because of that I'll not work on it today anymore and do something relaxing like eating Yakisoba with some friends or so. I think I deserve my money today.

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