Hopefully some solution

I believe I found a good overall solution for the final tasker/ressource loader system. I'm going to make the tasks a bit heavier than I planned before, but they can also be stripped on demand if everything works out well. I've also decided to define a more clean interface for the typical mutex/condition variable things and so on due to SDL's a) either bad function name choices and b) because I don't like the many available functions I don't see useful for my case. I'm trying to bring it closer towards event-based interaction which I prefer much more. I didn't expect to be that difficult to figure out in total, but I'm beginning to find a base I can use to systematically build my systems like Lego models. It's all about about using the right subset of parts suitable to your level of realization. And given the fact that I definitely can't use SDL on an NXT, I'm go better defining my own subset of wrapping macros/functions (macros preferred). Also, I won't have to remember all those stupid SDL function names. I mean I prefer my own interface rules for sure, nobody can say it's not a good idea then...

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