The awesomeness of Skyrim

Skyrim is so awesome that I'd prefer it over all lesser Zelda games I have. I'm sowhat in love with this game that I can't remember the last time when I experienced something so close to perfection in terms of overall combination, game feeling and graphics quality, except when playing Metroid Prime of course. I'd put them both at the same level while repecting their given technical limitations. If you have the money and the rig, buy it. I mean nothing pays more off than reading books inside the game, thinking that you might find exactly this awesome cool ruin described in their, finding it then a few reallife days later and knowing that it was a good decision you picked up exactly this book and storing it in your treasure chest in case you might need it! This way the game creates legends and myths and you're immediately frightened by what stuff might in there or maybe you're rather reliefed that most of it was a rumor and that you were to even find your way through it. I can't say how impressed I am that the game designers manage to build up their gameplay, the "looking forward to finding xy" effect and the sheer awe by which you enter so sacred and ancient places. And the enemies don't level, only the rewared treasures. Plus, every dungeon features some kind of little story and will open you a back door once you completed it. It makes it function like a clear goal to get all awesome stuff and beat one or two bosses inbetween. The cleanliness and simplicity of all these concepts make this game a milestone of taste and quality to me. Something I'll never forget nor try to imagine what might happen next in the developer's following titles. While all this is totally subjective to my own video game preferences, I bet it'll be torn apart by others. Gamers publicly expressing their opinion and insisting on spreading their gamer critics are usually assholes cause this combines well

Oh and the games has many highlight, most of them including stunning battles between you and powerful enemies. Not to mention the dragon fights for sure (always a highlight), but also the Draugr bosses that are always different in number of enemies and fighting area and certain more organized villains such as a Vampire Lord in his dining room (you're leading to mob to his cave, storming his lair by surprise). I mean if charging into ancient Germanic ruins with your blade-wielding, I'll-protected-you-with-my-life housecarl while throwing exploding fireballs coming out of both of your hands is not awesome to you, you better go back to your petty online game and stay where you are. This game is a high-level roleplaying fantasy made to feed adventure-lusty nerd minds that long for proving themself in roasting dragon asses.

Oh man, I love this game so much already. I need to buy a big poster or so. Or atleast a T-Shirt.

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