asynchronous framerates

Title sort of fits if I think about the fact, using the processing model I've chosen so far for my game engine, that there'll a framerate for each cyclic task. One for raytracer, one for the physics, one for the hardware renderer etc... Any idea how to combine them? It's not just a framerate made up of several quick calculations done inside a single frame, no. They run independently and have a varying cycle frequency and thus their own, alternating phase! Means measuring framerate is difficult when you want to provide a convenient, single fps value. I could of course take the delta time or frequency and play a bit with their formulas... Yeah, that could actually somehow work but still won't reflect where the bottle necks are. Hm, simply gonna show all four for swaggering's sake.

I wonder how modern multithreaded games do that. They probably just show up the rendering framerate I guess or don't use multiple threads at all. Simply wondering, I am.

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