Triggers in a row

Right now I'm at a point where I'm designing the sequence of triggers for firing both barrels. At last I did it and do now have a system that connets two triggers to their their lock counterparts. Pulling feels nice, maybe a bit too heavy I think. Not sure about that. The problem I do see there is that in the current arrangement both triggers have a reeeaally big gap between them and I don't know how a firearem does handle this. I guess you can't cover both triggers with your fingers and then firing the first one without tucking the finger behind. Also, There seems no real possibility to add a pistol grip this way. Not sure whether I want to have that or not... Don't know. Have to think about it. Anyway, I wasn't so easy to squeeze all into 5 studs and 3 studs height. Guess it pays later, right? Gonna do some reasearch on common grips for double-barrel shotguns with two triggers to solve it.

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