Stuff I always wanted to do

I'm amazed about how fast my internet connection is now. I was able to download around 15 gigabytes of data in just a few hours and am now able to play my games again. Currently, I'm running around in Fable III, doing the very first missions and shooting some rampant wolfs on my way from snow mountains to thick, grassy towns. It's very much like a highly polished, stylized and more developed version of the original Fable style I memorized more than in any other game. There are already some design decisions I dislike like the replaced menus (now beginning a walkable room of sorts) as well as it's Windows Live integration with a totally useless and money-grabbing ingame shop system. I can't much about right now, but whatever I might say in the future: it probably is an improvement of the original game with many decisions improving design purity and graphical presentation.

Also: loading games with 1,7 megabytes per second really is something you must have felt before you day (or faster, whatever you may be able to get). I used Steam and Youtube parallely and also downloaded a speedrun in the backrun. Absolutely flawless! It's stunning how I am finally be able to enjoy all the internet's features I have experienced before in this way. No pre-loading of videos, no days-long waiting for video game downloads... I can focus more on other things and let the connection do their business. Also, this makes it possible to finally record and uploads videos from the stuff running on my computer screen. I'm tinkering with the idea of making commented playthroughs/let's plays/whatever because I finally can. Internet I'm coming right now!

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