Reviving ancient instructions

Sooooo, after a little refresing weekend with some good friends of mine and a gret new Lego tank prototype to play around with, I'm full of energy and concentration to bring my old ASCII raytracer to life and make a game engine out of it. I must say I had some clever ideas and observations to make it look like a simplified model of our reallife light model due to some assumptions of "perfect physical properties and 100% purity of used material. It's a bit custom but once one got the idea behind it and the angle in which it is to view, it works flawless and can theoretically create a lot of awesome shadows and light scenes. With my new set of macros, it'll be a piece o' cake to recode it. This time I've got plenty additional ideas to overcome it's slow framerate (or rather let it stick to the framerate and not the rest, too). So, beware, old piece of shit! I'll burn your rope as soon as I get to you.

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