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I got a quick idea for an alternative Lego cartridge/gun model (yes I know, I have too much freetime and I'm obsessed, blabla, braindead argumentation etc). Instead of always pre-charging the rubber bands, I could simply leave them uncharged and get charged when getting chambered. Imagine this: The bullet is locked inside a construct similar to what's already in the current cartridge and it's rubber band is hooked loosely but stable enough to not fall out (maybe with a rubber band-powered locking mechanic, too). The other end would be stretchable/expandable, yet fixed in normal state. The when the gun get's operated, one of both ends would get be moved away and locked. So when the striker or firing pin hits the cartridges, it'll either release the bullet at the fixed cartridge end to accelerate towards the muzzle (where the stretched rubber band's goal is) or it'll somehow release the other cartridged end accelerating towards th cartridge''s nose. Either way, the rubber band charging will only occur when the action cycles and the cartridges only need to be as long as the can become with an uncharged, yet fixed rubber band. Moreover, the power and range wouldn't be determined only by the cartridged anymore, but also by how far the gun can stretch the cartridge's rubber band. I have to make some notes and thoughts about that... Sounds very promising! I hope I won't get too distracted with this to still be able to keep my brain programming. Whatever, this a great discovery. And even if it won't work, I'm still aroused by the ingenuity of this idea. And yeah, I'm totalling convinced about my experience with this very special niche topic right now. This would combine very well with some sort of pump-action because you'd either need to charge by pulling back or forth. In case of adopting a normal gun's breechloading setup, I'd charge the rubber band with a forward action this way. A back-charging action would require the magazine to be directly under the muzzle (not really what I want).

So I finally found a way to make them smaller in theory. I feel good right now. I believed there was no real future and no further improvements to be made. Like when physics discovered that they need the mathematicians to define real numbers instead of only natural ones. Hm, such a gun concept could work well with a magazine because there is no need for chambering at all if it's designed carefully with an ejector and so on. Though... when beeing fire, there'll be parts left in the gun: the lock and the rubber band. So you have to bring them back together using the back-pulling action. It's again nothing you can use like in a normal lever-action of pump-action shotgun because all cartridge switching needs to be done after pulling completely back or completely forth due to this "fragmentation" of the cartridged itself. Hm, yes. This is kind of non-nice to say. I can reme,ber of a multi-stage pushing mechanics I once designed... Could be utilize to a) bring both cartridge parts together, b) eject them in the second back-pulling stage, c) chamber a new cartridge in the first pushing state and then d) charging the rubber band in the second pushing state. Rather complicated to create I guess, but it's probably worth it I think.

I will probably have to work on my game during my lectures and travel times and work on this concept at home... And somehow get the study inbetween. I really am obsessed with this stuff. I feel a bit like the dude the Pi movie. Well, I didn't see the movie but what I could read on Wikipedia, I'm sometimes totally at the same degree of obsession with certain things. I don't whether this is could to not have this one programming anymore but on Lego stuff, but I guess I won't have the motivation to due this as obsessive as I did with coding in the past. It'll simply pass by and leave me some day. I see how all my life is driven by creation and problem solution, I fear that'll some day end up as a total lunatic chasing illogical ideas where I go. On the other side... I'm too afraid of becoming so - can something happen if it's prevent by the stuff that's always happening? Will humanity ever find out why in hell Douglas Adams didn't chose 39 instead of 42? Is it worth using peanut instead of marmelade?

Questions over questions. And no one will solve it! I have to watch some nice movies with friends the next day. And I'm glad that tomorrow will be my last official study day this week. There's a Manga Convention on saturday I'll visit with my friends. After that we'll probably go stuff our stomachs with ramen (except me cause soy is evil) or sushi and watch a good movie or two. And sunday will probably the same except with all the stuff from saturday, so... nothing. Sunday will be nothing. Just relaxing - something I didn't do that often the last time... And I feel how really, really sleepy I am right now. Strange that this always happens on those days when I drank too moch cola, ran around like a madtime and did some housekeeping as well as general internet chitchat. Seems that this is "thrilling" enough to make me sleep like a stone afterwards... Shouldn't get that coffeine into my pristine body (ahaha... what a joke... pristine!).

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