Pulling myself together

I'm all about managing my lectures right now, but if everything turns out right, I have atleast one free day in each week, which's currently today (friday) if everything will turn out correctly. This does mean that I'll have a half lecture of compiler construction (goes along with personal interest) and some more abstract constraint-related stuff using Prolog - something I never did before and of which I already lost a week. Sometimes I doubt my study place' sanity in terms of cross-lecture time management.

However, I used my free Friday to improve my gun model! I was so frustrated about everything, about E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy to be inunderstandable, Fable III for having a disappointing ending beeing made for shitloading DLCs for maximum business success and grandmother birthday I totally not enjoy anymore (and will probably stay home instead). Therefore, I started working on my Lego gun again and I did quite some progress on it! Sure, it was functionally finished but lacked stuff I consider "nice" and making it more usable. So I replaced and simplified the ghost sight (also, it is green now) and added a stock! Yes, a real stock for my gun. I took me not just a few hours to mess around with it, but in the end it is really stable makes aiming more stable, especially while triggering! It looks a spider net, but who in hell cares... I also created an actual lever for the barrel/chamber opener you can use with your fingers or by pushing it with your palm's side when holding the fore end. So yeah, it comes closer to something I'd like to use from time to time. I'm trying to create a proper "loading bench" for charging bullets correctly. I'm also trying to create some attachable bullet holders to the case' side one can use to store bullets and having a short hand way when loading. It'll probably look like the bullet holder from my very first muzzleloader models, with some kind of flap to keep them locked.

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