Plenty of beams

Back from backlogged Lego gun models to my current one, I'm glad I created the case in the very first moments I started creating it. This way I was able to instantly rebuild the whole inner part, which I had to because of my trigger redesign. It is sursprising that I didn't have any trouble to do so - call it good luck that I do now only have to create the trigger mechanisms and the grips to charge the strikers as well as the stock part. This isn't an entirely easy task as it requires to a) really think about the overall arrangement without knowing what's the most comftable b) somehow make the striker charge grips accessible via trigger hand and c) modify the case so that it'll be a bit shorter and doesn't house the striker chargers. I thought about adding some of it's segments to the gun's fixed body itself for reasons I don't exactly know. But thinking about it... I guess it's a better idea to lengthen it instead. There's surely a bit of slide space required and I better do to sacrifies stability. Still... I have concerns related to the position of trigger and striker charger grips. I mean the longer it gets, the more the chargers move away from the trigger and the less it will look nice and be comftable to cock without one hand. I guess this is something I should not try to think about too hard. First make the mechanics, then add ergonomics.

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