physical origanisation

I bought a functional and simple looking cabinet for storing my Lego parts, made of metal and some rolls to move it around. Combined with my metal tool case which I used before, I have a nice little storage for with I only need some addition seperators to distinguish inside the drawers. In addition, I've bought 200 rubber bands I can use for guns! 100 made of rather simple caoutchouc and another 100 made out of the same but with a smoother quality. They have exactly the same propety as other rubber bands; way better than those 8 years old Lego rubber bands I used before...

And I began to work on a stock in the same colors as the gun itself. Now that I can organize my Lego pieces better, my desk is cleaner and I don't loose interest so quick because of workspace pollution. A cabinet was really necessary. One day I'll buy a bigger one for the normal Legos, too. I still have more normal Lego than Lego technic and I feel bad for letting it rot away on the weathered attic. And who says that I have to only use Lego technic the rest of my life? There's plenty of potential for classic Lego creations, of couse! Especially those that are reusable. I can remeber posting about a plan of making Lego scene "modules" to quickly build stuff on a square base for instant scene creation (like video game tiles or Oblivion's dungeon system). Hmmm, I'd feel much better then... Anyway, such a cabinet won't be affordable as easy as my metal cabinet. It's a really cheap one but quality for storing Legos or.

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