Ok, it's a milestone

As one might guess from the title, I'm not so convinced about this model's "output". I did some shooting to have an "ultimate" test for how accurate it really is now. And, in it's restrictions, it does everything right of course. My gun creation really works as it should. Subtract this from the high amount of ricochets I got right now and the result is not a gun problem - it's a bullet problem! More specifically, the idea of puttin in a cartridge that made as minimal as possible and only provides a long bullet flight, not pin-point accuracy. Why didn't I made the sight before I added everything else? Disappointing. I'm really disappointed by me and my blindness. However, this provides me the ability to underpin certain theory I expressed here before. The first is that there are still tolerances between cartridge and chamber in the gun model. Though this can't be a reason for accuracy failure due to the very, very small tolerances and the extreme ricochets. Second is that the cartridge rubber band position when charged alters the bullet trajectory. I've overcome this problem a bit by selecting a different bullet shape that forces the rubber bands to fit in place. And now the third I was able to prove by the second one: a charged rubber band alters the rotation of any somehow movable element it is pushing forward due to surface contraction. I was able to eliminate point one and two, but point three requires a different cartridged format which I already tested without actual improvement. So the last is point four: the bullet shape itself will alter it's angle and rotation during exit and flight as well. This is the point I see really problematic because I'm using rather non-aerodynamic Lego Technic parts having a big hole at their end that's definitely useful for locking it but not for letting it fly. So my observations showed that this is the main problem as most bullets went out nicely but didn't keep a straight flight. What a shitty problem! There's no way I can change this in such a small 1x1 bullet and a 3x3 cartridge. Really, that's just too small for it. So I AM forced to make a bigger caliber for hopefully more predictable and flat trajectories! Oh man, I can't expressed how disappointed I am about this. Such a cool Lego gun and now this unchangable problem. I can't even change just the bullet, I have to create an entirely new Lego gun with an integrated system to suppress all those problems. Shit, I finally believed to have banned them all at once!

I'm such a fool. Now there's no realy reason to it at all. I'm sick of it right now. Can't believe how disappointed I am about myself right now. Hope this actually DOES change tomorrow! It's more than annoying to see all those 3x3 cartridges fail completely. Why can't it just work? Stupid physics.

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