not less than 80% finished

Yep, that's right. I had a rather long night until I was done with most of the Lego gun's functional part. At around 5 am I decided to leave it as it is and get some sleep... However, as I wrote just before the last sentence, I've done a lot of stuff. First of all I lengthened the case, the gun itself and added a striker charger totally seperated from the trigger mechanism. That means you have two chargers you can pull at any time and it will cock the gun but never uncock it on accident without triggering by user. Second, I've reworked the case' upper cover and made them way stronger than before, so that you can essential let the action slam-open wihtout any stability decrease or even stuckage. And third, I've overdone the action itself and made it so that you can now seperated case and gun body by simply holding the action opener a bit longer until the whole body slides out. This wasn't as easy as I had do redo a ridiculous old work of mine on it, but it works nevertheless. It's really heavy now, 43 cm long and probably a few kilogram heavy (haven't yet weighed it). I though about how to reduce it's in later models, but I didn't find any way that wouldn't sacrifice stability or functionality. Another good thing is that you simply can't interrupt the trigger process via case squeezing or so. I was able to do that in the last model and I'm glad it isn't the case with the current one.

Yeah, I'm finally almost done with it. The only stuff I have to do for pure completition is a stock and a proper grip for the chargers as well a pair of rubber bands to automatically move back the chargers after locking the striker. I rather want to finish the charger grips before adding rubber bands. It's simply a better idea when incorporating important ergonomic choices. Another thing that needs to be done is a rework of the action opener to operate more lever-like, so that it's operation is less a twiddling of small Lego parts one might never find out about. If those four things are done, the gun would be ready for deeper operation tests and attaching extras (iron sights/scope, maybe cartridge holders at the stock side). But this is not an quick or even easy step. I'll finally have to make a decision about the stock and I'm struggling with just building a random one. I don't want to have any randomness in it. Everything has to be exact and well-thought. This gun is already so stable and well-working, there's no reason that I'll not do everything to have it perfect in the end. Or somethings that's close to beeing perfect with such limitation. Whatever. So now I have quite an amount of work to do! Also, I noticed that it's rather easy to detach all gun parts and maybe make some set of instructions for them. I wouldn't want them to be published in any way, but rather for personal use. In case I want to make a second one some time. Oh and I due to this detachable nature, I might change some colors internally to have a functions shown in distinctive schemes. Whatever.

I'm more than short on black Lego beams right now. Almost all went into the non-case parts and it kind of hurts to see this. Especially because I don't want to desintegrate this gun and maybe build another one... However, the next model can be grey and red/yellow or something like that. But I'd tend to yellow cause it'll be the described muzzle loader. I believed I used Lego parts worth several hundret euros. This doesn't include design work as this is the most complicated part. If I'm ever going to be damn famous, they will probably be auctioning off these guns in case I die or so. Woohoo, I might get famous from those guns all alone! Atleast from how I feel when looking at it right now (yeah, I might have too much Lego and too many guns the last days).

So I'm glad I actually did sit all night and continued to work. As exhausting this often is, as rewarding it can be. So let's work on it for the few hours I have left til I have to go my first lecture this semester...

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