New stuff

I bought some new Lego sets and am now the proud owner of some more pneumatic parts, gap fillers in general and an interesting set of some of Lego's specialized car parts. It's weird how much Lego Technic flows into cars. I always liked tank-alike movement more, but that's just a personal preference. However, I've got some new parts right now and think about redoing the stock/grip so that it consists completely of covering parts (though not those big car cover parts) with an interesting variant I got today. Gonna test this some day, but sounds promising for making a better stock of it. The base can be made black, everything else can be grey or so. May make a retractable stock in grey below the pistol grip, so that I don't need to use that much parts for it. Hm, this could actually work... and look way better than those hole-ridden angled beam constructs I'm currently using. Don't know how to combine it nicely with the gun's lasting "stability spots", but somehow it should work I guess... I'm thinking about how to form the gun model for the new cartridge idea I got... Making the cartridge should'nt be a problem, loading and unloading it may be one. When shot, there are two parts I have to eject and the cycle would be rather complex, if not annoying to operate. Those two parts would require some kind of "thrower" to get out since both should, at best, be ejected at once. After the bullet lock got opened there is no but loose contact between both parts, making it difficult to make a typical extractor claw that pulls them with leaving one behind or flipping around randomly. That could be solved be integrating some special mechanical "flow control" elements at ejectiong port or cartridge for eleminating many vectors in which they could get propelled by the extractor motion. However, there'll also be rather custom chambering when using a magazine... I mean in normal state they loosly hold together in any angle you rotate them. I could further test out, in theory, what already existing cycling mechanics would be realizable. As plain and simple as possible. One idea I got right now is similar to the FIFO gun I designed a while ago: having track with cartridge seperators, you can insert one from below and all other already loaded bullet wander up. the last bullet with exposed to the top of the track and can be removed by hand or by tilting the gun body. This could work for vertical horizontal arrangement, though vertical is probably preferred because it makes it easier to chamber it with a bolt... Using a ratchet I could also make it cycling automatically by pulling the bolt...

Many things to think about. I should program during and between lectures and do some Lego stuff at home. I'm also considering to experiment with my NXT a bit more since I'll most probably use my own Lego robot for one of my seminars. Good thing is that I can use anything I want as long as it is not too over-the-top (like multiplexing power functions using NXT motors).

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