Finally some about multithreading

Yeah, I reached a point of thinkage where I found a more or less complex solution for my multithreading system I want to use for my game. It strongly benefits from multithreading since I'm towards a totally streamed system loading and releasing stuff on demand as you go. This requires a seperate loading thread a "lazy" ressource loading to not randomly stutter during the streaming process (like when seeing an enemy that a set of potential sounds but it's not guaranteed that they will be played). At first I wanted to create a scheduler or so, but then I designed a task/job-based thread system on the same event stack base of the physics and graphics thread communication. I noticed how similar they are and that they can merged into one regular system. However, this system will also required an guaranteed-access-time-order query like a more flexible realtime operating system with defined thread switching order. This will be the occupation for my next hours of programming, so properly busy during gaming session. Oh and not to mention that Skyrim will be out soon! I'll have a great time of playing and creating this time.

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