Final 1

It really took me a day to make proper sights for my gun. There were a couple attempts for normal iron sights, but non of them were satisfying or even worked. Actually, I don't really know if they worked or not because I found out that once again my cartridges are the accuracy problem. Using 2x2 bullets there wasn't a problem at all, but 1x1 bullets do not forgive any false cartridge loading. It's said but workarounds exists. One is careful manual charging (not what I'm looking forward to) or using a loading bench-alike construct. In the end I was trying a double ghost ring sight and succeeded so as all 3 shots (carefully charged) hit the metal plate I was shooting at. Didn't test how exactly accurate the gun was, but from the aiming tests without size, my ghost sight perfectly targets the bullet's exit point. Because of the gun's design and open firing mechanics, I wasn't able to install a more interesting sight with adjustable rear and front height. For the next gun I'll either use of those or directly a selfmade telescopic sight (not of high quality, but still with magnification). All in all I'm pleased with the gun so far and will probably not need any later adjustments. So I archieved my goal, didn't I? Stock is not needed, aims perfectly without. But I noticed why it would be beneficial to have one. Simply easier to get a stable eye position. I want to finish this project as quickly and simple as possible. Technically the gun is done and works fine. Now I need a help to load the cartridges more reliable. Can remember that a cartridge charger worked fine before, can't harm to quickly build one. I'm not yet convinced with the sight's look. Needs some serious optical improvements! Too bad I can't make them any longer without destroying accuracy. I'd love to have an internally chessboard-colored tube with black and white rings for easier aiming. Hm, another feature to build into the next gun.

Oh and I've thought about going beyond single projectiles. I know that 2x2 bullets provide more room for loose Composition of parts making having the size of a normal 2x2 bullet. Thus, it'd be interesting to get some kind of buckshot projectile. A two or more part bullet that scatters on impact is easy to make, but multiple shots at once are a challenge. I was able to fill my first gun with half-stud rings and Lego gold coins as shot. I hope I'm getting a better bullet-packed idea for the next project.

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