False alarm

I simply tested whether a longer bullet could stabilize the flight and it really did stabilize it, though there were some flips here and there from time to time. Bad about was that it didn't fly as far as with less length and less weight. So I shortened the long one back to 1x1x3 (still longer than 1x1x2) and voila, it is a mix of both. It doesn't ricochet on short test ranges and it hit exactly where I was pointing at. I'm using a metal cap from a Lego knight thingy I once bought a while ago for some strange reason. It makes a powerful "PLANG" in case of hit, so I do EXACTLY know when it got a pinpoint. I have whether it shoots as good on longer ranges. Will probably not fly as long as when using the feather-weight bullet, but I rather prefer accuracy.

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