Well, I've spend half the day thinking about how to save the thing I've created for the last post. I was somehow optimistic, but it turned out that I'll either have to drop the rack and create some other mechanic for trigger release or adding a spring of rubber somewhere to keep the striker lock where it belongs to. This does NOT come in handy and sometimes I really want to drop all that striker/hammer stuff due to this. Maybe I should simply to something entirely unrelated, I don't know... Also, some research made showed that no double-barreled gun with multiple triggers arranged along the gun body does future a pistol-style grip but instead a flat stock or a slightly bend grip suitable for using both triggers in the same way. Oh, did I mention the exact reason why I have to rework it? It simply can't hold back the hammer. Sad but true, kinda annoying. Tomorrow I'll try another variant by going back to a rotation-based striker release where the rotation axis is placed on the same level as the striker. I'll also used this concept on the bullet in general and guess that this could work nicely enough in theory. Since I DO have enough room for all kinds of stuff in this gun, this should be much of a problem. Will simply test it out, who knows...

Holy hogs, making a reusable mechanic really pushs you back a couple of times. I shouldn't complain, but AARRRRRRRGGGHHHHH. Sometimes I simply have to type exactly this. So I don't need to compensate ethereal enragement.

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