drop me some Lego

I now deciding to put all Lego back into it's cabinet and be happy with what I archieved so far. I'm starting to worry about me and my code progress! I started tackling some pathfinding for this reason and think that I found a suitable sensory simulation for making video game enemies to dynamically adapt random surroundings and locate entities of interest by following sound and graphical input. To bastard-quote Patricia Tannis from Borderlands: "I already know that this game will be the death of me". I only need a good, possibly iterative skeletonization alghorithm that has the same effect as repeated erosion without doing those erosions. There's probably a nifty solution to this problem. My idea is completely "rebuild" the way we as human orient, by seeing where we can go to and from where localization hints come. So that in the end the NPC is able to use those hints and rely on memorization and analysation of the surroundings in case of "signal loss" (everything like not seeing or hearing or feeling the player anymore). Using a simple piece of if-then-else code, I think it is possible to make a very nice AI system. If the skeletonization also works for n dimensions, I can make flying and 3D-orienting enemies, too! I hope my ideas turn out well and so on. Sometimes I doubt that. Not happening unoften.

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