Continue 6

Damnit, I really don't know what to do with this stock. So far, the optimal length seems to be atleast 25 studs from the gun end. that's enough to put something in as I'm always saying, but I found a collapsable stuck rather useless this morning and experimented with storing cartridges inside the stock. Then again, it's stupid to thinkg about this repeatedly. You know what? Drop it. Just drop it. It's not worth working on something that stupid to realize. No, I'll make a proper sight instead and to some test shooting! Really, nobody needs the pope to be that fat. A big gun and some bullets - what do I need else? I should think about stocks anymore. I mean I'm making Lego guns which do not have any recoil...

So I'm finishing this and will make some pics one day or another. I'm not anymore to work it's additional features anymore. I mean it's working, right?

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