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I made a quick butt stock build this morning. Though I didn't have the time to properly rethink it, I believe that using a more skeleton-like base all over the stock does not work as good as complete assembly using cover or other stuff. But well, I only have red and some yellow covers, so it's not really an option for anything except small and lightweight Lego guns. To compensate this problem, I made some very quick and rough sketches of stocks that can be compressed/folded/collapsed. It doesn't replace a fully-blown stock but makes it way more easy to save space for storing the gun. Anyway, there are a lot of different ways to "store" a stock. Due to the fact that there's already a stable and comftable grip + thumbhole, I only need to store the butt stock. A part for laying the cheek is barely useful because I can't align the barrels with making a completely different model. Therefore, I have to aim for each barrel individually - a situation where I'm moving my head, not only the eyes. Anyway, no cheek piece means "just" a butt stock. One solution would be to use a piston capable of making the stock around 25% longer (sure, up to less than 50% percent is possible, but makes it rather unstable). However, pistons are not as easy to create and may take quite an amount of parts I can't come up with so easily. The second option a foldable stock made up differently sized elements to fit in each other. A really cheap but very stable construct under certain circumstances. It's not adjustable like a piston - may be annoying in case a long stock is needed but will be larger than the skeleton grip. This can be overcome by using more than two or three foldable elements. So my next idea was a combination of both by using a mechanic I know a "Faulenzerkralle" in German, but was unable to find any english equivalent except maybe "grab hand" or something like that. The original is usually a pair of hands or claws that can be stretched and closed at the same using one or two levers and multi-joint beams (can be found in child magazines as gimmicks or in toy stores). However, using a construct like this as piston and some beams for stabilization will make it possible to give the stock a +50% expandable butt end! Depending on how long the collapsed block length is, it's also possible to add an area for laying the cheek somehow. such a construct could interesting for all kinds of later Lego rifle, so I'm definitely giving it a try. Guess the only way to realize this one is use grey pieces combined with another color (I simply do not have enough differently colored parts). Hm, I could use coverparts for the butt end... Oh, and I could possibly use the same locking mechanic as used in the case! Geez, didn't know how inspiring such stuff could be.

So yeah, you see there's a huge potential for this one. I'm happy I didn't stick with the skeleton stock in concept...

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