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I'm a bit confused about what to do next on my Lego gun model. The point is that I could simply created a stock, integrating a seperator to me from firing any bullet when slam-closing the action and so on. But the more I think about it, the I dislike the idea of continuing without further thoughts and tests about how to a properly chargable set of strikers. I've given up the idea of charging them without only the trigger hand, simply needs a too long slide way. So I have a couple of possible paths to take:
  • add a stock and seperated chargers later
  • create chargers first, having a properly seperated stock/charger setup
  • drop it and wait for the telecommunications dude to install my highspeed internet connection and play Fable III all day long

As compelling as the last point sounds, I'm not interested in waiting but doing something. I guess when he's coming, there won't be any Lego gun stuff in my head because I can then finally do all the stuff I wasn't able to do in MONTHS. Will probably all night up watching Youtube videos and parallely downloading Steam games as well as all other things I will be able to come up with. So the first two points look much more realistic to me. And I tend towards the second one. But still... maybe I just need to lengthen everything and don't listen to my stupid self. I mean in the end it probably doesn't even matter how long the actual gun is because I can connect gun body AND stock and provide a thumbhole or whatever. I know this may not be the nicest solution, but it'll ensure that there's enough room for reliable triggering and possible safety features, too! In a slightly sextual content, it amuses me that a longer gun can in theory house more tech is it. Size DOES matter after all...

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