But still, there are those guns

Yep, I couldn't convince myself to just program but do something relaxing, like building Lego gun prototypes. I tried to model the two-part cartridge idea but somehow realize that I, so far, always used half-stud beams for forcing the accelerating bullet in place. This works good if all beams are fixed and present, but how if have to create a bullet with just a half stud of rubber band fixation you can only reliably createwith two studs? See, that's a real problem for me. I have ideas for a 3x4 cartridge targeting this problem with an additional rail on top used to fixate and lock the part when beeing (un)charged. It would screw up everything and eventually lead to a once-again required re-engineering of all the stuff I was so far able to come up with. Nope, that's not a good idea. I should rather work a better muzzle loader with all those nifty ideas I had, like it was planned.

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