Big Pandora Rant

I'm somehow in a bad mood today because I checked the status of not-yet-delivered Open Pandoras of which I ordered one ages ago. It has been some years since then and I'm close to forgetting it. So many countless times I've waited for them to reach my home, so much was told that they were busy doing so and so on. In the end I'm kind of frustrated and am almost at a point where I'd simply grab my money back in case they're offering me to get it back. And then they even makes stuff like premium orders which will seemingly be send after assembly, no matter who was the first and who not. So not just a few lost Pandoras that could go out to people waiting years to their hardware. The newest stuff they introduced was paying 1€ monthly as well as getting a "special status" on the Forums. Of course, there was a lot of shit with Circuit Co. that made them loose a lot of money, financial crysis as well as hardware problems in general. But all this doesn't really calm my mind now and 300€ is not a sum you'd like to loose that long for getting nothing back except random production news.

I hope they finally get rid of that stupid Circuit Co. mess and continue producing Pandoras for the people that made their projects financially possible in the beginning. What's the point of giving money away for a long time but only seeing other people benefitting more from it than you will? I don't when they will finally ship my Pandora, but I strongly believe it will again take a fucking long while. And maybe I won't be the last one getting his damn Pandora in two lifetimes!

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