Arx Fatalis

After a good couple of hours coding something that's really useful to you, there's not unlikely a moment where you want to play an excellent game for a change. Since Skyrim still needs some day to be officially released, I bought something I always wanted to play before - Arx Fatalis. I heard about this game when Dark Messiah was released but didn't take try actually buy it cause getting older games to run is always a bit more difficult without having all available patches applied. A few months ago or so (while I wasn't able to use Steam) I saw a Let's Play of it and was so surprised how amazing this is, beeing played by someone who really knows about this game. When saw the Let's Play again this morning (only partially), I decided to play it by myself. And - well - I'm playing it since... I don't exactly know, maybe 10 hours or so? It totally sucked my dry and I still can't stop playing it. This rarely happens to be and I'm glad I bought it. It's only 5€, so you get a complete gem for NOTHING. I was about 12 years or so when it came out. At this age I played Diablo II and console games - my PC wasn't able to handle such a game like Arx Fatalis. I mean I got my first 3D card two years later or so... and that one wasn't even update enough to play Arx Fatalis. Whatever, this game would've been to bloody and creepy for my I guess. Not that it is creepy enough to stop me from playing it (like Metro 2033 at a certain point), but you have respect for the enemies and their strengths as well as the fact that there are damn sounds everywhere you go. What you do, is permanent. So every wasted healing potion or broken weapon has a weight you won't forget easily. Additionally, I simply collected all easy-to-get plants, made those potions out of them and now I'm facing certain realizations about how bad wasteful behaviour is in this game. Sure, there's possibly always a way around. But it's not a nice one, I can assure you... Oh man, this game brings some tension to your veines. It's the same thing like with Dark Messiah, only that this game is much more fair and leaves me the freedom to do something else aside from getting my butt kicked. I'll probably try to find some more secrets and go to bed then... Dungeon level 4 is just not yet the right level for me this night!

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