around 90%

Yep, I'm around 90% completition right now. Rework the case for consistent color choices, got some black beams by replacing the striker and charger parts with grey ones and made a stock skeleton without shoulder, having only the alsmost-pistol-grip-alike section and it's thumbhole. The stock skeleton is currently dark grey. At first I wanted to used cover parts to mimic a more full, wooden look. Tested it with some red cover parts, but they simply didn't make any good material. So I simply used those angled beams like I used them before for everything stock-related. A few small bendings here and there to a lot to bringing stability as well as using many, many connectors. Currently, it's only 3 studs wide and gives a rather lightweight feel when holding it. A fitting contrast to the heavy barrel and lock mechanism. I'm also pleased with the color choice: a blend from a thick stripe of light grey to a small bit normal grey (also covering most of the top) turning almost immediately into black. Beeing consistent all over the gun's parts except it's grey butt stock, pistol-alike grip and triggers. I still haven't found a good charger grip I have to say. But I want to keep it dark grey, too. Combined with a dark grey lever for opening the action, this marks all mechanics the user can operate with dark grey. Interestingly, my fore-ends are often differently colored without any similarity to the butt end (as well as it applies to it's shape) But since the stock/grip is now an element one can pull, too, I guess it is okay to color it dark grey. It also seperate the parts one might not touch operation from the ones that are made for using...

So what's left is the rest of the stock, the charger grips and the action opener. I haven't yet done anything about the sights and I'll probably make them detachable in some way. Or let's say that I don't have any choice because the case is made to only have a few empty holes on top for such occasions. Maybe their simply won't be any sights on it for a while. I can live with that. I don't really need sights if I design the stock well-fitted. However, it doesn't remove necessity with non-aligned barrels. All in all, most cosmetic details were also removed, so I'm close to finishing this model. Took me not so long to realize (two week I'd say?), but long to come up with. Now that it's closer to beeing of a degree of polish I wanted in the beginning, it makes me proud that I've spend my time on engineering it. It's really more like some kind of engineering or even gunsmithing right now.

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