Almost done

Not totally almost, but I'm very, very close to it. As I said, a lot was redone and I found the best trigger system I was able to come up with. For some strange reasons I utilized three original springs in the whole model - that's a personal record cause I never really used them in way. Two were used for the trigger component (which I'm now really proud on!) and one for the slide-action lock. Then chambered, you need to push a spring at the fore-end to start sliding/opening. Closing can be done by a skilled moved or by hand without any spring push. This way I can ensure that it'll never open while shooting and do still have some loading comfort. It's all running very, very well now. So it pays off knowing that there must a simple solution to everything. Tomorrow I'll need to build a stock and think about how to double-charge the striker. Oh, I forgot to mention it, did I? I noticed that my initial concept of two seperate parts was simply not well-thought enough for a double-barreled slide-action and would work better in a single-barreled Lego gun or in an over-under arrangement because one would simply have more room for such experiments. Instead I choose the old variant with the striker chargers directly attached to the strikers. As first I was afraid they would simply make it too heavy, but the action runs solid inside it's case and I haven't noticed any flaws so far. There could be certain improvements, but there was simply no place to put them. I didn't have much room and I still don't have. I made this Lego gun as compact as possible with a set feature list in mind. That's why I didn't want to make something ugly and patchwork, but especially improve what was wrong in the old model. I guess I succeeded today. No wobbly action, cartridges do fire properly, no way to "umchamber" on accident, no unreliable hammering due to speed-sensitive triggering and no exposed mechanics disturbable from the outside. Nothing of this so far, it's like the black muzzle-loaded pistol I did as an improvement of the very first one.

However, there's still a lot to do! No stock, no sight, no safety, no dual-charger charging both strikers, no proper grip for opening the action and finished gun end in general. I'll also need to prevent my hands from stopping the charger grips. This has happened to me with the previous model and it's definite no-go cause it make the striker unable to trigger the cartridge. I'm even thinking about making some very special and unique grips for those chargers to reduce overall size and make them more suitable for a generally thin and very custom stock. I'd like to keep stock black, too, but I believe there is just not enough in my "smooth cover parts" box to do this. Gotta buy some Legos, I guess... I even had to use some differently colored cover parts for the fore-end to let it work. They will be replaced as soon as I get more of those parts. All in All it'll be waaayy shorter stock than before, that I'm sure about. Rifle stocks take so much less parts when not having a pistol grip in it. I won't add any cartridge holders to the stock as before. It makes it even more heavy. The previous model had it's more heavy spot right where the stock was, so simply not optimal for balance. Since the new model is already heavy enough, I better keep it lightweight and simple. No sophisticated tech, only a simply stock and maybe some rings or other flexible elements for adding cartridge holders sidewards. However, that's all not part of the original feature list. So I'll concentrate on making a realiable gun, not an accessorazored beast.

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