tis' a big thing, ain't it

So I had all the evening to build my gun's case and it happened to be that I took my old gun apart. A pity! Somehow. I like to have multiple models and only take them apart in case I want a third one. Too bad this never worked, so it's rather normal I guess. Anyway, it becomes quite a big thing now or atleast it looks like such one. I is just a bit higher than the old one and comes very close to my very first double-barreled model. With some further hours of building and thinking (I really hate that I currently need to take my away my head off it each hour for some minutes), I believe that this will become a really good model. With it's weight, yes, but also certain style one can't deny! Or let's say I making the colors as final as possible right from the beginning. I'm not really interested in rebuilding it 100% because of that. But I came across a little "problem" with the whole concept, which's the fact that the hammer might need to be very long to fit nicely into the case' gap necessary for taking out the cartridges when opened. I don't a big hammer at all, which's the problem I'm having. Sure, adding a grip for cocking the hammer is also pending and takes up it's space, but those should be OUTSIDE and not INSIDE, so that anyone can cock them anytime needed. Don't know what to add there to make it longer, but in all cases I'll have to do some more work in integrating the slide mechanic better. It works, yes, but they are yet many, many things to do including the action's lock which I'll probably realize using internal spring/rubber band-powered hooks at the case' critical end.

Anyway, it's pretty late in here and I also don't know why I keep blogging content-less talkage right now during the end of the night...

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