Now I'm really thinking about how to realize an actually compact revolver mechanism using Lego. Really, it's not an easy mechanism and I also found a very good flash animation exactly showing the elements I would need. I could of course replace some of those elements with easier ones, but it would still require a bigger amount of space and also fine-grain springs or rubber bands you can't put into small space like I'd definitely want to do. Argh, it's always the room problem with with Lego revolvers! Somehow I'm thinking creating a simplified 2-round revolver version which works by very, very simplified mechanic to utilize a single trigger. That sounds like it's creatable with not that much effort I think... Gonna try this now. But still... It would require a spring or rubber band to power the movement/ratchet so that you don't have to manually lock it in place. Also, I can't create smooth "hulls" for cylinder, making it impossible to NOT include an empty space above it, further resulting in space I'd need to create a workaround for when applying the current hammer variant. Damnit, I totally forgot how demanding these constructs can be!

Yeah, what a mess this would result in. Hmmm, there's also another idea which could keep the basic hammer idea up and running: only creating a mechanic to switch the "target" barrel, like in a derringer. Original multi-barrel derringers use a pivoting element in the hammer to simply move the striker into another position, the Remington two-barrel variant used a ratchet with different tooth height to archieve a change in position. I can't affort this because of similarly complex, fine-grain work that's necessary to archieve it. Though... I could to some bit of "retargeting" the hammer mechanic and try to let the actual hammer be activate by it's center and then creating a "hammer hammer" (a round, bolt-like element with a single pin or pusher) that can be rotated to "select" an individual hammer. So when I press the trigger, it will redirect it's force to the "hammer hammer", which will then depending on it's release the currently selected hammer. Hm, that could actually work and seems the only possible way to multi-barrel my guns without seperate triggers. I won't need to get the revolver cylinder trouble and I can leave any action to a) triggering and b) selecting. For loading I probably better go with fixed barrels and a lockable flap for muzzle-loading the cartridges. Should be a first approach, ay?

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