Stupid commercial Lego gun books

It's surprising how "many" books one can find on Amazon to build Lego guns and even more how sursprised those dudes in silly online magazines are. I rather prefer not talking an old man's habit of getting his world shattered by the fact that guns find their way everywhere, but this time I cannot keep myself from doing so. Actually, this came because I found a record from a German TV show where they interviewed that single guys who's selling his Lego gun books (all of those including his crossbow-alike model). It seems there's only this one dude and well... man, what an idiot. He seems to believe that he's actually doing something cool with this (you can this video on Youtube, just listening to his selfish voice) and whatever not. It gives me the creeps to even imagine that such an ugly fucker would make 12 year olds build his guns and even alter or improve it. It's like creepy and disgusting I think. Selling with such instructions... Well, I don't think this is a good idea to do. Sure do I also publish the result of my experiments and outcomes, but I do not give exact instructions anyone can use to build his own model. I'm doing this because it pleases me to work on recreating gun technology on another technology base and because I simply wanted to somehow simply create my own just for kicks. But seriously - selling books so that kids can rebuild them? I don't know. Anyway, I'm definitely building my guns on another level of efficiency and rather to make a practical usable gun for personal enjoyment and excersize, not to be "badass" or something like that. I feel somehow offended when thinking about the fact that people who had seen this TV show will immediately think of stupid selfish idiots which tried making Schlager music in the past (that's real nasty scum) but ended up making silly rubber band guns. I've seen his models and they are rather for spraying rubber bands against Lego constructs than pinpoint hitting on long ranges mimicking realworld gun technology. No, his guns have no class, no fire behind. Well, they might have automatic fire and magazines, but they won't have any stopping power or long range effect. And they probably also have poor accuracy! Yeah, definitely, just don't think about this idiot beeing ANY kind of representative for what people not related to him do. I really bad just for this fucker to exist! Might not be a problem if he'd simply vanish...

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