Random Encounter

Surprisingly I got a good idea for modifying my bullet to require not less than 8 precious parts less! What a surprise indeed and I still haven't done anything on the gun to use it, so it's rather a day's thin output besides movieing around. And it seems to be more effective, too, because there are no struts anymore except the four necessary to disturb the rubber band contraction. And, uhm. Well, I also tested it (out of pure curiosity) on the lid of one of my plastic cans where I'm storing my rubber bands and it was split in half. It's lid, split in half! This is kind of extreme and I'm more than before wondering what damage this model would do in the wrong hands. I mean I know that in Germany you are not allowed to own air guns that generate muzzle energy about 7,5 joule and I'm probably not even remotely above it because this would mean that my bullets would fly farther. Anyway, I need somehow owning an air soft joule and find it out for kicks. I really want to know that value. The plastic was rather old... so I hope it's due to it's now frangible nature, I really don't know. I'll take a range test of it tomorrow! It'd be AWESOME to get more range due to this. But I'm already afraid of it's generated energy and hope I'll never accidently hit something that might get damaged. Good that most of my work is planning and constructing, not test-shooting. This cartridge is already made for "outhouse" testing due to it's range and it's somehow sad that it's getting autumn and that I won't have any fun doing it outside. Really, I need test my gun in a controlled, large-roomed environment if it's finished. But I don't think it has the reach or energy to be effective on a shooting range, nor do I know somehow who is able to give me that opportunity. But someday I want to test in on such a range. Who knows what people will be able to help me guessing or detecting the cartridge's muzzle energy! But since it falls off quickly, there's probably no way to have it indent the spot it's hitting on the target. Oh my goodness, I'm already starting to think like a crazy home defense american who believes that every gun might come in handy! That's really enough for today - bed time, young man! You really begin to foul your head with this gun stuff as you did with compiler design and lowlevel programming.

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