The old story

A new day, a new hope! Well, atleast I know a bit more than yesterday what the next gun model should be. Bad thing is, the ammunition must get as long as the old new cartridge to somehow guarantee an improvement in reach. I tested all three cartridges and the length was somehow the only thing that mattered. That's really annoying and well, that was what I already found before and the only thing that could possible bother me right now. But can't the be a better way of increasing bullet speed other than using longer cartridges? I know that the material matters for sure, too. But I don't have custom rubbers and won't create any other than the ones I can get here at home. Stronger rubbers are always thicker or longer, but it really only matters what way they travel; the aspect of how strong the acceleration varies can simply not be included because you'd need to bend them so far that they are impossible to trigger or hold back. So that is why I will need to make them 18 studs long or so. That's kind of stupid. I mean I really need to find another method for acceleration bullets! I'm thinking about trying to combine gas-based systems like used in air guns with Lego for alternative projectile acceleration. I don't have much experience and I doubt that any Lego piece will bring up enough sealing to ensure that the pressure builds up. I'll do some research and be back later, but I don't think that anything will be possible this way. Lego isn't made for stuff like that and I'll probably have to find another method. Also, I don't find it good go that deep in such an area... It actually scares me because the only thing I want is packing a somewhat large rubber stretch in a smaller package, not giving it more power (which will probably happen when using gas pressure). Maybe I can think of something that I can somehow charge n times to have more power, based on motors or so. Maybe I really just need to continue with rubber bands but using motors for the stuff that I'd normally do by hand... Hm. Though this doesn't make the cartridge smaller! Nor does it increase accuracy. My test resulted in still random bevahiour with non-moving bullet parts which is also the reason why my previous muzzleloaders were simply more accurate than my cartridges because I used rolls to prevent the rubber bands from sticking to the bullet at the wrong place, permanently turning them into the wrong direction and reducing muzzle velocity as well as accuracy. I could try to create a cartridge that has a moving part to prevent this, hmmm... Well, it should with any current one with minor modifications I think. I only need to put the rubber band through a little ring I guess... Could work!

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