Not that derringer

I made some quick skeleton of a possible model, but all of them share the same fate of not beeing properly constructable (as a result of waaay too long hammer transfers and the hammer method not beeing that useful and mature in general. It becomes all a bit more of finding a clever arrangement of components except as long as the triggering itself is powerful enough. Guess I'll have again to go back to single-loading arms the perfect the hammer model. Darn it! The idea was too great to not to be made. Making guns is a hard and research-intense tale full of very small upgrades and intense testing. I'm running through many stages with my own models and see how small those steps can actually be... thus I bow infront of all the historic gun makers of the world who were not related to world wars or military for their dedication to bringing guns forward. Taking all their efforts together and looking at it, there's almost linear improvement in terms of step size, not the time it took do to those steps (which are quite different).

So it's time to tackle another single-shot rifle for improvement's sake. I have a few things to incorporate: a hammer, a long cartridge and a way to load the gun. The hammer will simply require a more elegant and compact solution for one of the versions that currently lie infront of me. Cartridge does already exist, now I only have to make reloading action for it. I don't want break action, the best according variant I've found so far is not achievable with a hammer on top of the gun EXCEPT when folding the barrel to the top. In all cases I will need to cock the gun before beeing able to load. One attempt of making a slide-out chamber failed in the past, but I think I found an alternative to this by using the same principle for breech-locking used in the Luger P08 pistol but not for chambering the bullet, rather for rotating the barrel to the left using a spring and a lever so that it a bit like a slide-out revolver cylinder. Too bad that this kind of operation either requires an additional stud of chamber thickness or some other kind of strange construct, hm... I'll just try it. I can't just sit around and think all day!

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