Not really convinced

So I did create a very raw and probably highly construct for shooting long bullet using a hammer. One thing that's nice is that I make the hammer very small and lightweight. The disadvantage with the 180° rotating hammer is that it requires a rubber band attached to the side, resulting in an around 5 studs wide gun body on top, on thing I don't want to have because the is not at the body's bottom but direct in it's middle, effectively requiring to create some really ugly cut in the whole model and stuff like that. It's... no elegant enough. This hammering method beats a LOT of other models in terms of design limitations. I'm thinking about redoing the bullet for a more clever design, on with beeing hit by a hammer from behind. That would enable me to rely on the last hammer model I used on the gun I still didn't manage to make some shots of. And as I said in the previous model, I probably won't until I can really find something that makes click and says me that it is a good idea to build it. And yet I wasn't able to get comftable with making a gun for the last bullet design. But I REALLY want to get a new update on this, so I'll try to centerfi-a-rize a bit with it... Not sure if this CAN work, but who knows... Something has to move on in her.

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