n-dimensional rasterization

I must be weird fellow if chosen to carry some kind of stupid ring to a colcano. Anyway, I'm currently trying to convert the basic concept of line rendering (splitting x/y division) to n-dimensional space without any specialization and do somehow hope that my new dimensional macros will help me with this. Personally, I'm still thinking about my own implementation of line rasterization while strongly keeping Bresenham in mind. I'm used to use a Digital Differential Analyzer (DDA) with floats in the past (horribly idea, I know), but that's no good idea when sampling except you want to create vertex point in a non-cell-based environment (like for all modern 3D graphics display methods). Anyway, using macros removes this circumstance, so both variants are possible, hehehe... *MH-CHRM*. I believe it's all about keeping track of an error value and a pattern in it resulting from how you bend a linear space to the desired shape you want. Sure, this doesn't only apply to lines and circles, but to all other kinds of weird shapes, too. I might find a simple solution to this, let's see. Problem will certainly be to make it as fast as specialized versions.

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