Maximum Carnage

Well, the title speak for myself, but I wondered what I could do with simply longer rubber bands, giving more potential to accelerate bullets. After a nap from an exhausting everything became somehow more clear to me and I think that after this gun I have to go back to the "musket-style" Lego gun type with a builtin rubber band. But this I'm prepared to let it work as well as all of my cartridge guns. The point is that cartridges only have limited power (which's totally enough and reached with 18 studs in length) and if I'm ever going to build a telescopic sight for one of my guns, I need one that shoots much farther and more accurate. And the obivous solution to this is to remove all moving parts for "maximum wobble space intolerance" and increasing the rubber band length. And I'm having a lot of ideas to keep bullets from falling out like before. It may even become a breech-loaded gun when I find a solution to stretch without a ram rod. That said, they may be a first use of my Lego motor! But well, it stands in the stars if this will really work to pull it from behind, so nothing I can yet say for sure. Anyway, the idea itself is so plane and simple that I won't wonder if it works. I'll probably get the creeps by how much I'll be able to split then, so it's surely new fodder for my psyche to swallow. I can only think of how long the gun will reach then. It definitely has to accelerate a bigger projectile cause I won't use a 3x3 barrel for part availability alone. 4x4 sounds good to me - there'll be enough room for additional stuff around it.

Whatever. Not-so-far future music I think. Except it to blow up things and shoot flowers!

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