Sometimes when you build up negative energy, it's best to channel it into making new Lego guns. I've had those concepts here and there (especially the FIFO gun and another double barrel warm-up) but I never really tested if the triggering with my new bullet can actually work with normal force inside a simple gun body. And yet am I glad I tested this out today because it was in no way really possible to somehow trigger this one with directly using hands. So what's next is that I really, really have to create a fucking hammer squashing every piece of piece of the cartridge. This isn't an easy task at first but get's easier once you realized the concept you'd need to tackle. So nothing with FIFO guns or so, because those won't work with a hammer behind. It's a bit frustrating, but also makes the gun more compact because a FIFO gun would be as long as a tubular magazine of the same cartridge type. Hm, I'm still thinking and planning. Morning might bring new light on the rainbow surface.

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