An eventful day

Oh man, what a mess of stuff happened yesterday as well as today. However, the most interesting of it is that I finally found an awesome concept for my gun. I've decided that the idea with the movable barrel is the best one and that I provides the possibly thinkable stability of all possible action I came up with yesterday. My initial fear about it's stability isn't relevant anymore if I build the COMPLETE front and upper cover of the gun as it's movable elements. That means that it will work like with the case of a normal computer, covering the insides but beeing easily movable in a limited area. Because the case did so far have a maximum width of 9 studs, I can leave the next one to 9 studs, too, and can create the inner mechanics with a width of 7, reducing the required parts and making the gun look more pretty at all. However, to open the chambers, you don't need to fully remove the case as a whole but only move it as far as possible away from the business end to locate an open area inside the case over the actual chamber. This way you can extract the cartridges easily and remove the fired ones. When moving the case back to it's closed position, it's open area will point at the block including the hammers and all the other fire mechanics. But since these do also have a case around it, it's color will just shine through and maybe enable the shooter to observe whether the gun is cocked or not. I could surely try also to combine the closing action with coking the hammers, but this would result in more complex thinkage I currently don't want to have in my head. Anyway, the extremely kewl advantage of this construct is simply that it doesn't take up any additional space other than these 9 studs width. A real leap forward! The idea behind is kinda how semi-automatic handguns are constructed: a case holding the movable barrel that is connected the rest of the gun's fixed parts. I'm really proud to say that I got this idea by my own without any direct inspiration as opposed to all other models before. The problems left are: a) how trigger and hammer will need to be constructed in detail, b) what the stock should look like/what kind of better concept I want to integrate and c) how the fuck I can get enough light grey parts to make the case look awesome. Point c) looks critical cause I have some from the Mindstorms kit. This time I really want to make the gun look smooth and well-thought. No patchwork anymore if I can afford it. I mean the concept is MADE for a black/white composition, just like the Portal gun. It would be a shame to not realize it.

So I hope everything turns out like planned and that I don't get too depressed from having to go back to this student job the last time. I finally got a date, so next Friday will FINALLY be the last day of it. And I hope they don't need to get any additional information via Email anymore. I mean yes, this is definitely part of passing my work to them, but the whole topic and this stupid software around it makes my more than depressed. Too many bad things this month, I hope this will change with my new semester start...

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