effin' 'ammer

I finally made it to create a hammer model for my Lego guns that works with the pinfire-alike cartridge model. And it's not just a weak "somehow working" one but a hammer with quite some power to be used for later, too. It'll sure work for "bullet locks" in bigger cartridges with way harder to release bullets, too. That means I can step-by-step improve the parts and design I'm using currently to meet the needs of more complicated cyclings. There's definitely improvement until it's perfect, but it works nontheless!

So now working on creating a design with multiple chambers because I'm sick of always needing make multiple triggers and having to reload and build always the same way. My idea is a bit more interesting: approaching a revolver. I was working on several concepts meanwhile and do now know that I simply somehow need to create a ratchet beeing connected to either a steering wheel for manual rotation to snap to the next position or a mechanic linked in a way the cocking of a hammer while not encumbering the strike (not sure if this works). Either way I can get a gun with a single trigger and more than two chambers (win win situation if you ask me). Hmmm, though I'm still thinking about building a third prototype of hammer/trigger combi itself... The current one is extremely long, taking as much room as the chamber itself (which's 18 studs long), but only 5 studs high excluding the actual hammer mechanic with a size of 3 studs when cocked, making it a bit higher as the barrel itself. Though this could be used as a target help, I'd rather prefer to have the "pin" of the front sight really at where it belongs to, the front, and not at the rear. Thus, I find it a bit questionable for all later gun designs to continue this way. So yeah, it's probably better to move the current 180° degree hammer strike motion to 90° while keeping in mind that I still need a horizontal striking, limiting the hammer to stay above the barrel when beeing cocked. Could be a better sighting help than otherwise, I guess! Have to test this. Oh, this is so exciting! I could experiment on this all day! However, it's really a shame that I can't rely on Lefaucheux designs because they only need a very small way to strike with it's pin on the bullet, not having a striker that's ramming half into the cartridge itself. It wouldn't to into the cartridge this way, so I'll really have to rely on some else, more custom...

Yeah, this is it so far. I know I still haven't posted any pictures of the previous model, but I also don't think that this is really necessary now. If the hammer concept can be finalized to maximum usefulness, I can create whatever gun design I want in the future! I haven't yet create a really good double-barrel gun and a hammer brings me closer to having one after creating a more conveniently loadable gun (like a revolver). I'm going to work on this a bit more than the last month, so I hope more updates a finally more powerful in many, many ways. Excitement! Let's get the party continue.

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