I've seemingly successfully combined the old cartridge model with the new one. That means that it can be triggered by horizontal impact like the old one but also has the new stability and a much more stable layout in general. It took me not just a bit of time to create a bullet lock that can withstand the same amount of horizontally directed force but hey, it definitely seems to work and I believe that it'll sever better than the old one and more easy to design with than witd the old new one. Not sure about the rubber though, but it only requires one this time and definitely wears off ages slower than before. So that's it so far! It means I can work on a normal hammer with triggering slightly offset from the center and less open space needed inside the gun body. Excitement! I'll redo my old double-barrel model and include all the ideas I wanted before, so that I can improve the problems it had before. And I'll think more about weight balance (the old one weighted a hefty amount) as well as a foldable stock (currently, there's a massive one with a bullet holder I don't need in the way it's currently integrated). Geez, I also need to improve that sight system, it really is a mess at the moment and simply doesn't add anything to it cause the bullets can't as long. Time to change that! I'm already having a very good idea I say you, only need to make it. Yeah, I'll take my book and a pencil and sketch some features before I go to bed... this helps keeping my head clean for awesome dreams of whatever topic.

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