"cause you're a man"

One thing I EXTREMELY hate is when people actually justify something because someone's gender. Sure, if it has to result in certain understanding of things the other one can't because he/she has another body and thus may not know a special feeling or so - that's something I can't argue about. But just because? A fucking general, because you have another gender? WHERE IN HELL ARE WE HERE??? Seriously, there's no fucking gender-based difference in mind and often body the other gender won't understand. It's all a fucking damn thing related to BRAIN and CHARACTER, not the body. That's simply discriminating and reflects what deep and primitive thinking is below the cap. Human's stupidity is endless, specially in terms of discrimination and rating. I'm extremely pissed right no. Why can anyone only justify an absolutely mind-related thing with "cause you're a man". Sometimes I really hate my "friends", especially when they are primitive right deep down in their most emotion-bound thoughts. As if I wouldn't understand. I'm always putting emphasis on NOT seperating genders in terms of thought and whatever. THERE IS NO DAMN DIFFERENCE.

ARRGGGHHHHH, how can only come down this time. I'd punch here in the face if I'd be a primitive soul as what she definitely presented herself a short time ago. And no, blaming society alone is not an option here. Society came out of people and people's minds come out on their one. So there the definite fault in her, not in anyone else. Really, I couldn't imagine discrimination happening to me because I'm a man. I'm even gay and she knows it, so this is even more discriminating and primitive!

Great, now I am getting discriminatory. Scum. Just brainey scum. This whole shit.

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