Bad lecithine

Great Scott, why on earth does this have to happen to me. Not only that I became vegan now, I'll probably also need to drop everything containing egg and soy cause I finally found out why in hell I get my problems when eating them: lecithin. It's an emulsifier somehow used to bring two liquids together which are usually combinable or something like that. The problem is that this stuff is inside almost EVERYTHING I eat here and there. I didn't knew about that before and it makes clear to me why I'm having regular digestion problems and do not know where they come from. And know it actually makes so many things clear to me that happened in the past, even those I was never able to reconstruct why they happened. But over time, you kind of get used to it and ignore such stuff. I'm a bit desperate right now... Not beeing able to eat lecithine in any way makes most chocolate ineadable for me as well as a wider range of products from bakeries, food in restaurants, cookies, many spreads... damnit. So I need to get those non-lecithine products instead, fuck. My damn gene pool is totally useless, what in hell is good about a cross-allergic asthmatic game programmer not valueing money in any way? It's a damn farce played by destiny, I say you. Atleast I can drink milk! That way I won't problems getting proteins cause I can't get them from meat. Oh great, never ever creamy chocolate again! I already love it... mess.

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