Back from that scrapyard

So today I managed to organize everything related to quitting this job and will only need to come back once to present the stuff I worked at. It's good to be free again! Somehow I think that I just can't work on anything for money that I don't love. I somehow have a different understanding of money and the values in general than other people in this world. I strongly value work on things I'm getting the best ideas in, independent from how much I'd get with it for a living. And I know that I like to feel completely integrated and in process where things move forward, not only depending on me but also on others, so that I don't feel like everything's depending on me. And if I feel like everything is depending on me and the general activity/theme doesn't calm me... Then I feel hunted and need to get rid of it somehow. So there are already two reasons why the fuck I don't want to work anymore at this place. God damnit, why in hell did I only choose to start a job there... I'm so fucking not oriented in money in any way... Maybe I should just develop a crazily amazing and effective technology to constantly get money, even if it's just enough to live and buy a game from time to time. I really don't need much to live except a computer, internet and some money for stuff you can't get for free. Everything else I mostly don't need, nor do I care about it. Money's only really important if you can't a find a base that makes you happy enough to not need it. Well, money really is a bad thing I think. The basic theory behind it makes me frightening and do not want to think about it. Let's better try getting a job in the video games industry somewhere here in Berlin, that's definitely more of interest to me.

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